Taco Guy Never Gets Old

D3 Tailgate with Taco Guy

10:00 AM: D3 Tailgate Begins
12:45 PM: Chargers vs Broncos

This is your last chance to feed your gut with carne asada, pollo, pork and donkey tacos from Taco Guy. Canada’s Select Brews and Sobieski Vodka will will be flowing. Horrible music will be playing. Good times will be had by all.

If you want to eat Tacos, RSVP by Noon, Thursday, December 11.

Chargers in a good place at the right time.

For the first time in many seasons, the San Diego Chargers aren’t behind the pigskin in December. But by the NFL calendar, it’s a long month, and that could all change before the mistletoe gets taken down.

The Bolts are 8-4 with a firm hold on the first wildcard playoff spot. The win last week was without question the most impressive of the season. It was on the road, against a strong team, in a very tough place to snap the ball. It also came with the pressure of maintaining a place in the playoff race. The obstacles were Everest-like, and it was only the first weekend in December. That’s how murky the playoff picture is this season, and not even Bob Ross could paint around this kind of obscurity. “That’s a pretty tree, a nice, tall … wait … that’s a rock … or is it a bear? Damnit I can’t make that out. F#@$ it.”

However, well in frame stand the Chargers. And the most prominent figure in the yellow, blue and white is #17, Philip Rivers, who in the last two weeks has been piling up absurd passing stats in games that appeared to be out of reach until the last minute, and with an interception thrown in each. Somehow, the guy so many colleges recruited as a tight-end out of high school is now Top 20 all time in NFL passing yards and leads the Chargers, an original AFL franchise, in team wins.

(If one more person on our Facebook page mentions Jamies Winston, not only will they be banned, but so will every member of their family for ten times infinity forever.)

But let’s not forget the defense, especially in the redzone. Holding the Ravens to so many field goals was the deciding factor in the Chargers comeback. The last stand was a bold one. Prior to the Oakland game a few weeks ago, the Chargers were one of the league’s worst in redone defense. Now they are second in the league. What has led to that turn-around? A finally healthy defense.

This year, it looks like things have coalesced at the right time. At a crucial time of the year, we have the Pats and Donkey’s at home, a vibrant defense and a rip-roaring quarterback.

No doubt, this is a new feeling for Chargers fans. This weekend’s tailgate will have the same energy, of course. Because … well, you know why.

Are You Ready For The D3 Tailgate Prom?










D3 Tailgate Prom
Chargers vs Bradiots
Sunday, December 7 – 2:00 pm
Section D3 – Qualcomm Stadium

Remember your prom?

I remember flasks, sequin dresses, bad haircuts, crappy finger foods, an awkward interaction with my date’s father, forgetting a corsage and not getting lucky.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even the loser above.

Join us on December 7, 2pm in Section D3 for the 1st and maybe last D3 Tailgate Prom. Fellas, don’t forget your corsages. Ladies, forget your morals and bring your dancing high heels.

The best part of the D3 Tailgate Prom will be the food. Taco Guy makes his second trip this year to Section D3.

If you want to eat Tacos, please RSVP by Noon, Thursday, December 4. Please don’t be the guy who finds me at the tailgate and asks, “hey, can my three buddies eat?” RSVP Today.

Protect The Ribs

 San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Philip Rivers is checked on after suffering some pain in the 4th quarter.  He returned to the game.

Chargers vs Rams Tailgate
Sunday, November 23
Section D3 – 10am

Philip Rivers is having some rib issues. Probably has to do with the turnstiles posing as offensive linemen. At any rate, our dude is hurt. His ribs hurt. This is your opportunity to give back.

Bring some ribs to the Rams tailgate in Section D3 and support Philip Rivers.

You may have a favorite rib style. If so, bring it. We just want to make you aware that #17 is a Southern Boy. That said, if the occasion arises and Phil needs one of your ribs, I think he’d perform better with a Southern Style rib.

Choose wisely.


(image courtesy of the UT)


Okay yes, it’s been a tough couple of weeks in Charger Nation. A malaise has no doubt creeped over us like a Bay-area fog, cold and incessant.

The memories are the worst, the flashbacks to 2012. The surge of pain from another rushed pass into triple coverage and the sudden, stubbed-toe agony of a stunted fourth down has become all too real. Like a searing bulb flash from a punch to the eye, we come to, back-flat in the corner, staring in a daze at a 5-4 record only weeks after being the talk of the league.

We can’t say we weren’t told about the team’s true identity. They told us the Chargers weren’t for real, that our record was a scheduling masquerade conducted at the expense of poor teams and early season immaturity. Then the Dolphins pulled back the curtain and exposed the show to everyone. There, standing in the shadow of props and ropes, pants down and red-faced, is the team from San Diego. The Chargers are a fraud, and the only people who were fooled were those of us buying their tickets and wearing their jerseys.

That’s one way to look at it.

Or, you can see it from our perspective. From Section D3.

Instead of division records and Peyton Manning, we think about beer and grilling contests and parking lot tacos. We wake up on Sundays wondering who’s bringing the salt & vinegar chips, not who’s going to start in the place of Donald Butler. You see, this is why we tailgate, for seasons like this. When the team is down, the tailgate goes on. We’re not frauds, there’s no curtain in front of our expanse of asphalt. Comes as you are or don’t come at all.

Because as we’ve said a million times before, we can’t control the game, but we can control the tailgate.

See you on November 16. Bring your top hat.