D3 Tailgate BBQ Sauce Challenge

Howe Sound BeerThe Inaugural BBQ Sauce Challenge will take place this Sunday, October 19, 2014 in Section D3. D3 Tailgaters will make homemade BBQ sauce using one of the three Howe Sound Brewing beers shown above.

The BBQ Sauce Challenge is all about taste. Judges will give a grade on the BBQ sauce itself and a grade for using the sauce on the grill. Both will be graded equally.

If you want to enter the competition, email dominic@sdchargerstailgating.com.

See you in Section D3
10:00 AM: Tailgate Begins
11:00 AM: Inaugural BBQ Sauce Challenge
1:05 PM: Chargers vs Chiefs

MID-WEEK ROUND-UP: Chargers Win Division Game on the Road, Face Chefs at Home

We’re not sure why any one is “worried” or not happy with the win at Oakland last weekend. Bottom line: it was a division win on the road. That’s all that matters.

Yes, our defense looked beatable at times. Folks, this is the NFL, every defense is beatable. The defense is just fine. In fact, if you recall, it held, the team won.

The Raiders were playing some inspired football to be sure and one can’t argue: they looked really good in that game. And you know what? That’s what we want. As fans, we should hope for strong division rivals and every few games being a tough out. It makes it fun and eventually, strengthens the resolve of the team we tailgate for.

Anyway, here’s what the Internets are talking about this week:

Grades are in
gives the Chargers an all around B for beating the Oakland Raiders. We can live with that. It was a tough game. The secondary got beat a couple of times, but you can assign blame there for the defensive line getting very little pressure on Carr the majority of the game. But again, when it counted, the D did right.

The Film DOESN’T lie
We hesitate to link to this ESPN blog because of its Adrian Peterson-like abuse of our native language, but the offender does make the occasional worthwhile point, especially when he mentions that we could really use Dwight Freeney to get another couple of sacks soon.

Maybe it is in Weddle’s beard
NFL.com went there. They mentioned San Diego and Chargers and Super Bowl in the same article title. They even threw Philip Rivers in there. The video, linked here, is from Showtime’s Inside the NFL. If you don’t want to jinx anything, don’t watch it. Yet, nothing wrong with enjoying the run.

Chefs dogs at the Q
The Kansas City Chefs are heading to San Diego as underdogs, sure. To our earlier point though, this is the NFL. Moreover, this is a division game in the NFL against a team coached by Andy Reid. No question things are working out well for the Eagles today, but we knew that having Reid lead a team in our neighborhood is as bad for the Chargers’ annual playoff hopes as having the guy who sells Papa Johns pizza in town.

But How Good?
Interesting. Arrowheadaddict.com put together five points of consideration, if you will, on this Sunday’s match-up. The writers are insinuating that the Bolts 5-1 start can be attributed to a soft schedule. Sure, they mention Seattle, but nothing about flying across the country to play the Bills or the league’s top run defense in New York. However, we’ll give them some credibility here, especially when they mention the challenges that lay ahead for the Chargers in the second half of the season.


The guy anchors our secondary like fried shrimp does a Vegas buffet. Always there, always supporting the main course.

Last year, #32 decided to put his razor on the PUP list. Since then, his facial foliage has become a furry harbinger of a future Super Bowl win. Weddle’s beard pushes through his facemask like a bear scratching his back against the zoo fence; and we’re pretty sure it eats at least two chin straps every game.

It’s only fair then that we fans assume his face mop is holding a few other things Chargers fans covet, such as …

1. Keenan Allen
Look, we know he’s out there somewhere, and we miss him. The guy was a dynamic, pass-catching Terminator last season and we’d love to see him “be back.” This isn’t a comment on Allen’s play specifically, but simply a notification to Mr. Reich that it’s time #13 be featured in the attack.

2. A Rushing Game
So that’s where Tom Telesco found Branden Oliver. Well, let’s hope there’s more of him in there and even a healthy back-up or two. Mathews is due back in a couple of weeks and Ronnie Brown was invited back this week. And we’d like to think the other Brown can suit up soon, too. However the backfield is formed, we’d like to see it stay the same for at least two weeks in a row.

3. A New Stadium
Sure, this would make it crowded in there, but with the way that thing is evolving, I don’t think an 85,000 fan capacity stadium is that much of a stretch. Plus, it would put the relocation rumors to bed and with public showers available at each entrance, you know, like the ones at the beaches, we could allow Raiders fans inside, too.

4. Two Wins Against the Broncos
We know they’re in there. Yeah, this is Raiders week and we know this is overly-myopic foresight, but it’s pretty clear that the Donkeys are who we’ll need to whip to win the division outright. Get those two wins and a first-week bye will be within short reach.

5. The Lombardi Trophy
We can picture it now … Weddle, post-game, hoisting the Super Bowl icon up on stage, ticker tape flittering about, a piece or two stuck in the whiskers, and here comes the combined 13-and-half-feet of DJ Fluker and King Dunlap with mischievous grins and a set of clippers.

DJ Brandon Flowers


If you haven’t caught this game video of Brandon Flowers on the mic for the Jets game, give it a watch. It’s a lot of what you might expect, but the footage really brings you down to game level, seeing just how fast and big these guys are. Flowers has been a tremendous asset for us and seems like a great teammate and defensive sparkplug.

AROUND THE INTERWEBS: Chargers deplane Jets


Just how many puns can we make when talking about beating the Jets?

  • Bolts down Jets
  • Chargers hijack Jets
  • Oliver, Rivers steal Ryan’s baggage
  • Vick, Smith forced to sit coach
  • Jets stopped at the Gates

It’s too easy. And speaking of, what on Earth are these mouth breathers doing now? Oy vey.

Anyway, the Chargers played easily their best all-around game of the season on Sunday, absolutely smothering the Jets 31-0. In New York’s, well, lack of defense, it looked as if the wheels really came off somewhere between the airport and kick-off. In fact, if it was to come to light that the entire Jets team spent pre-game warm ups huffing cans of tire-inflator, we wouldn’t be surprised. Goodness what a mess. Combined, the Geno Smith and Michael Vick highlights from that game look more like an un-aired Benny Hill sketch than the actions of professional quarterbacks.

And that vaunted run D? Thwarted by a fourth-string undrafted free agent rookie. But, let’s not kid ourselves, the identification of Branden Oliver and the subsequent retaining of five running backs by Team Telesco should be considered the best front office move for the Chargers since this staff actually moved into the front office.

Anyway, on with the stuff from the Interwebs:

Third Down’s a Charm
Chargers.com managing editor Ricky Henne
highlights just how well the Bolts handled third downs on both sides of the rock. The defense was monstrous despite the lack of athletic credibility demonstrated by the team in green. And on offense, Rivers, Oliver, Floyd, Royal, Gates and that O-line, down its third starting center, converted thirds into firsts all afternoon.

Next Man Down
Can’t deny it, the Chargers are hurt. Leguskry’s knee, Fluker’s ankle, Troutman’s fin, and Donald Brown’s melon are giving the San Diego training and medical teams four more reasons to not make it home in time for dinner. Bolts from the Blue surmises the situation accordingly.

Keep it Down, Please.
Finally, this happened. We’d much rather be a team no one is talking about than one recognized as a legit contender for the division. It helps keep the target a bit blurry when seen through the gunsights of our opponents’ game planners. In this case, Peyton Manning. Sigh. Gotta step up anyway, play like it doesn’t matter. Thankfully, this is an ESPN Insider article, so no one will read it.

Increased Amperage
We’re not quite sure how Power Rankings became so important, but every website that can be found on a search for “NFL Power Rankings” seems to have a list of some sort. As of today, the San Diego Chargers are #3 on most of them.  Except on this one.

If you find some more stuff on the web to share about the Chargers, hit us up. Like Jarret Johnson did to Geno Smith.