Protect The Ribs

 San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Philip Rivers is checked on after suffering some pain in the 4th quarter.  He returned to the game.

Chargers vs Rams Tailgate
Sunday, November 23
Section D3 – 10am

Philip Rivers is having some rib issues. Probably has to do with the turnstiles posing as offensive linemen. At any rate, our dude is hurt. His ribs hurt. This is your opportunity to give back.

Bring some ribs to the Rams tailgate in Section D3 and support Philip Rivers.

You may have a favorite rib style. If so, bring it. We just want to make you aware that #17 is a Southern Boy. That said, if the occasion arises and Phil needs one of your ribs, I think he’d perform better with a Southern Style rib.

Choose wisely.


(image courtesy of the UT)


Okay yes, it’s been a tough couple of weeks in Charger Nation. A malaise has no doubt creeped over us like a Bay-area fog, cold and incessant.

The memories are the worst, the flashbacks to 2012. The surge of pain from another rushed pass into triple coverage and the sudden, stubbed-toe agony of a stunted fourth down has become all too real. Like a searing bulb flash from a punch to the eye, we come to, back-flat in the corner, staring in a daze at a 5-4 record only weeks after being the talk of the league.

We can’t say we weren’t told about the team’s true identity. They told us the Chargers weren’t for real, that our record was a scheduling masquerade conducted at the expense of poor teams and early season immaturity. Then the Dolphins pulled back the curtain and exposed the show to everyone. There, standing in the shadow of props and ropes, pants down and red-faced, is the team from San Diego. The Chargers are a fraud, and the only people who were fooled were those of us buying their tickets and wearing their jerseys.

That’s one way to look at it.

Or, you can see it from our perspective. From Section D3.

Instead of division records and Peyton Manning, we think about beer and grilling contests and parking lot tacos. We wake up on Sundays wondering who’s bringing the salt & vinegar chips, not who’s going to start in the place of Donald Butler. You see, this is why we tailgate, for seasons like this. When the team is down, the tailgate goes on. We’re not frauds, there’s no curtain in front of our expanse of asphalt. Comes as you are or don’t come at all.

Because as we’ve said a million times before, we can’t control the game, but we can control the tailgate.

See you on November 16. Bring your top hat.

Chiefs hand Chargers first lost in five games

There’s no such thing as a good loss, but some are worse than others.

Despite an absurd time of possession differential and losing a starting safety in the first half, they had a chance to win it at the end. The team was in the red zone with three time-outs and the league’s top performing quarterback (to date) directing traffic.
Sometimes, it just doesn’t go your way. One could point to penalties, another could highlight our injuries … but those are factors of the game. The best team that day finds a way to win despite those issues. In the end, not having your best players and making a few bad (terrible) mistakes have to be overcome to win in today’s NFL.

Branden Oliver ran well despite his limited number of carries, averaging just under five yards per scamper against a top five defensive line. And Rivers was also on the money, throwing a number of crucial completions and only a last second desperation INT will mar his season stats through this game.

The Chargers defense is banged up, no question about it. Who knows who will be on the field two nights from now. Yes, two. The Bolts head to Denver tomorrow afternoon for a Thursday night face-off with the guy who just became the National Football League’s all-time touchdown tosser.

The loss would have been much easier to accept had the Broncos laid an egg against the Niners. Fat chance. Peyton schooled the tattooed neophyte Kaepernick like that kid who’s been held back in sixth grade for two years with a wispy, early-stage mustache does to his standard-aged classmates in a bout of gym glass dodgeball. But instead of giving him a wedgie in the locker room after class, he thanks him for a good game and makes a self-effacing joke about being old.

Anyway I digress.

It sucks to lose at home, and we sure had a great five-game run. This team is for real though, this isn’t Norv Turner’s San Diego Chargers anymore.

Come on bye week.

D3 Tailgate BBQ Sauce Challenge

Howe Sound BeerThe Inaugural BBQ Sauce Challenge will take place this Sunday, October 19, 2014 in Section D3. D3 Tailgaters will make homemade BBQ sauce using one of the three Howe Sound Brewing beers shown above.

The BBQ Sauce Challenge is all about taste. Judges will give a grade on the BBQ sauce itself and a grade for using the sauce on the grill. Both will be graded equally.

If you want to enter the competition, email

See you in Section D3
10:00 AM: Tailgate Begins
11:00 AM: Inaugural BBQ Sauce Challenge
1:05 PM: Chargers vs Chiefs

MID-WEEK ROUND-UP: Chargers Win Division Game on the Road, Face Chefs at Home

We’re not sure why any one is “worried” or not happy with the win at Oakland last weekend. Bottom line: it was a division win on the road. That’s all that matters.

Yes, our defense looked beatable at times. Folks, this is the NFL, every defense is beatable. The defense is just fine. In fact, if you recall, it held, the team won.

The Raiders were playing some inspired football to be sure and one can’t argue: they looked really good in that game. And you know what? That’s what we want. As fans, we should hope for strong division rivals and every few games being a tough out. It makes it fun and eventually, strengthens the resolve of the team we tailgate for.

Anyway, here’s what the Internets are talking about this week:

Grades are in
gives the Chargers an all around B for beating the Oakland Raiders. We can live with that. It was a tough game. The secondary got beat a couple of times, but you can assign blame there for the defensive line getting very little pressure on Carr the majority of the game. But again, when it counted, the D did right.

The Film DOESN’T lie
We hesitate to link to this ESPN blog because of its Adrian Peterson-like abuse of our native language, but the offender does make the occasional worthwhile point, especially when he mentions that we could really use Dwight Freeney to get another couple of sacks soon.

Maybe it is in Weddle’s beard went there. They mentioned San Diego and Chargers and Super Bowl in the same article title. They even threw Philip Rivers in there. The video, linked here, is from Showtime’s Inside the NFL. If you don’t want to jinx anything, don’t watch it. Yet, nothing wrong with enjoying the run.

Chefs dogs at the Q
The Kansas City Chefs are heading to San Diego as underdogs, sure. To our earlier point though, this is the NFL. Moreover, this is a division game in the NFL against a team coached by Andy Reid. No question things are working out well for the Eagles today, but we knew that having Reid lead a team in our neighborhood is as bad for the Chargers’ annual playoff hopes as having the guy who sells Papa Johns pizza in town.

But How Good?
Interesting. put together five points of consideration, if you will, on this Sunday’s match-up. The writers are insinuating that the Bolts 5-1 start can be attributed to a soft schedule. Sure, they mention Seattle, but nothing about flying across the country to play the Bills or the league’s top run defense in New York. However, we’ll give them some credibility here, especially when they mention the challenges that lay ahead for the Chargers in the second half of the season.