Around the Football Interwebs: Chargers cage Jags at the Q

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Okay, it was a shaky first half. And the run game didn’t look tremendous; or at all good, rather. Nevertheless, the W was earned, and the entire team, not just our boy under center, can walk away with the credit.

Here’s the thing folks: let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Booing the team after the first stanza is a little much. We haven’t won anything yet and just because the Jags don’t have a win doesn’t equate to the Chargers walking away with a five-touchdown victory. This is the NFL and Blake Bortles looks as of now to have everything it takes to be a long-term field general. He was widely regarded as the best QB in the draft, he just didn’t have all the hype of Johnny Jackwagon.

Anyway, here’s what the web has to say about the team that plays in the stadium next to Parking Lot Section D3:

Rivers besting the best
Hard to deny, as Fox Sports argues quite well in this small bit of content about the NFL’s first quarter of 2014.

Running game not on all cylinders?
We’re not real convinced of this yet. Brown was in his first game as an official starter and in general, no aspect of the offense was firing fluidly last Sunday. The pass game had no choice but to go into high gear to make some room on the scoreboard. Donald Brown was more than effective against the Bills after Woodhead went down. Oliver will prove himself and let’s not forget the O-line’s ability to run block. We know they can build a pocket for Philip, so it’s time the coaches buck-up a bit on how the big-and-burlies perform on first down. Let’s wait another couple of weeks before we get the paddles out for our rushing game.

Chargers defense making plays
It’s time to say it: the San Diego Chargers defense is seriously good. Bolts from the Blue has a piece on this that’s worth a couple of minutes of your time. They made it clear against Buffalo that the Seattle performance was not a fluke, and then in the second half the other day put a stamp on what they’ve been delivering. Our defense has been terrific when it counts so far this season and gives us reason to not fast-forward through opponents’ possessions when re-watching the game. gives us good odds to make the post-season
Take it for what’s it worth. Which is to say, that and $10.00 will get you all the tacos you can eat when Taco Guy comes to D3.



Redheads Win the 5th Annual Iron Bartener


Sammy would have been proud of all three Iron Bartender participants. Each brought their A game but one group showed they got what it takes. The winning cocktail, Sammy’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a combination of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, Rumchata and Whiskey. Click here to see the recipe. Congrats to Iron Bartenders Leslie and Jen for following up their 2013 championship, winning Back to Back (2013/2014) Iron Bartenders.


Second place went to tailgater Dominic. He crafted a Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Lightening Colada. Check out the cocktail presentation in this video. I like how Dominic gave a brief history of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum and how the brand was conceived. We’re not sure if this story is true but is sounded great. NOTE: Excuse the video quality, we’re working on securing better video.

Rounding out the competition was former Iron Bartender champion, Kristian Colvin.  With the Chargers running back situation in flux, his cocktail was named after the embattled position. Like the Chargers running backs, Kristian’s Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Runner came up short and took 3rd place.


Thanks to everyone who joined us in Section D3. You can check out all the recipes here.

AROUND THE INTERWEBS: San Diego Chargers victory over Buffalo Bills


It was a great game, no doubt. Although, we learned today that #50, Manti Te’o, who had probably his best game as a Charger, broke his foot. Again. So, on top of a primary running back, we lost another linebacker on a (once) blossoming defense that is already all about having the “next man up.” Pretty soon, the mantra will be reduced to “Someone stand up. Please? Can anyone get up?”


Anyway, we have to keep moving forward. Every team suffers injuries. Hell, at least he’s not Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions.

Here’s what rocketing around the networks about our win.

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TailGate Beer and Burger SoupWHAT: Chargers vs. Jaguars Tailgate – Iron Bartender V
Section D3Qualcomm Stadium
10:00 AM

We’re excited to announce the ingredient for this year’s Iron Bartender: Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar Rum. When Sammy heard past judges included Olympic Silver Medalists and Playboy Playmates, he did a Bolt Dance and was all in.

The rules are simple, you must make a cocktail including Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. All cocktails must be crafted in Section D3. Sammy’s Beach Bar rum will be available for the mixing. To reserve your spot as a Bartender, RSVP by Friday at Noon.

* No purchase necessary. Must be 21 to participate.

San Diego Chargers Tailgating - Chargers v TexansThe winning Bartender will receive the following:

  • A Bottle of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
  • Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Recipe Book
  • Tiki Bottle Glorifier
  • Picture With Sammy Hagar
  • Sobieski Vodka Care Package

For those non-rum drinkers, we’ll be drinking Canada’s Select Brews. Damn, their Steamworks Pilsner was the perfect choice at the Seahawks tailgate.

Click here to see pictures from the 2014 Iron Bartender.

Click here to check out some killer cocktails crafted in Section D3!

Highs and lows abound in Chargers win over Billy Goats

First, it was a win. But we lost Danny Woodhead for the season.

Second, Donald Brown showed he could handle the workload. But there’s no way he can handle 36 carries a game.

And the defense put it on record that they are for real. But the offense has to provide a better cushion.

But again, see #1: the Chargers got a win on the road over a divisional opponent that was getting a good deal of pundit adoration for its two-win start. As our Friday post discussed, Sunday’s match up was hyped as one of the weekend’s most critical, at least in terms of determining which team may separate itself in the AFC.

Truthfully though, it’s still too early to predict who will emerge as a favorite in the American Football Conference. And also likely, any talk of trying to unearth an AFC Super Bowl favorite is nothing more than an expedition into the land of deep story-lines to discover something more positive to exhibit than the happenings of NFL-clad players with anger issues.

But we digress.

Losing Danny Woodhead just plain sucks. The guy is so much more than a shifty tailback, he represents the array of offensive, hard-to-scheme-against versatility we lost when asshead AJ Smith allowed Darren Sproles to dart his way out of San Diego.

The jury is still out on Brandon Oliver, and we’re not convinced yet that his lack of carries was a testament to the coaching staff’s lack of confidence in him. It was clear that by the time Oliver was taking hand-offs the play calling strategy had been reduced a single off-tackle dive from the shotgun. Telesco and McCoy know what they have in Oliver or he wouldn’t have been on the roster. Expect to see more of him next week.

Donald Brown was a tank and should get a great deal of credit for charging headlong into Buffalo’s defensive front. The guy should’t have to take that much of the flack, however. Oliver should have been played more and Rivers’ ability to take advantage of the Bill’s secondary put on display at least once a series in the fourth. That was a tenuous intersection in the game at which to be tapping the brakes. This nugget of voicemail  at the 19 second mark from Mike McCoy provides a bit of reassurance that he wasn’t real thrilled with Reich’s wielding of the playbook. (Conspiracy theorists enter here.)

It sounds like we’re bitching about a win. Maybe we are. Maybe, we’re afraid of seeing some scary instances of the past resurface, zombies of offensive conservatism and red-zone anemia have eaten away at many a Chargers season ticket holder. Granted, it’s terrific to go across the country into hostile land and fly home with a victory in the luggage compartment.

Still, are the Chargers good enough yet to instill in us fans enough confidence to know that a few three-and-outs don’t necessarily translate into a loss? We’re not sure.

After all, week one was only two weeks ago.

Nice win boys. Now back to the Q. And tailgating.