10th Annual Iron Tailgater – The Champion Edition

San Diego Chargers Tailgating vs Tennessee

D3 Tailgate – December 20, 2015
9:30 AM
: D3 Tailgate Begins
1:00 PM: Chargers vs Dolphins

We had our first D3 Tailgate in August of 1993. Sunday may be our last. If so, we will go out strong and crown our 10th Annual Iron Tailgater.

Our Chefs, all Iron Tailgater Champs, will prepare their interpretation of Fish Tacos.

Come watch the Iron Tailgater Champs compete, have some beers, and share your favorite D3 Tailgate memories.
We can’t control the game, but we can control the tailgate.

Brats, Bacon and Boobs

D3 Tailgate – November 9, 2015
1:30 PM
: D3 Tailgate Begins
5:30 PM: Chargers vs Bears

We don’t claim to be Choir Boys. Plus, the reality of a disastrous season bitch slapping us in the face, well, brats and bacon didn’t seem like enough to get us excited.

Coconut bra anyone?

Can’t wait to see everyone showing off their upper regions, brats and new and interesting uses for bacon.

Yours in Brats, Bacon and Boobs,

D3 Tailgate Management

Monday Night Football – Taco Guy

Rivers Taco Guy
Chargers vs Steelers

Monday Night – October 12 – 5:30pm
Section D3 – Qualcomm Stadium

Philip Rivers quickly turned the page on Sunday’s victory over the Browns. As evidenced by the image above, Phil is in full MNF – Taco Guy mode. Bring a sombrero and some tequila. D3 awaits.

If you’d like to eat Tacos, RSVP here by end of day 10/9/15.


Chargers Tailgating

Chargers vs Lions

Sunday, September 13 – 9:30am

Section D3 – Qualcomm Stadium

For 23 years the D3 Tailgate has been lighting grills, drinking beer, playing bad music, crowning Iron Tailgaters and Iron Bartenders, singing Oh Canada, tossing bags into little holes on pieces of wood, and welcoming football fans from Mexico, The Great White North, Germany, Norway, England, Colombia, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Brasil, Switzerland, and good folks from most NFL cities.

How’s that for a run-on sentence?

Sunday is a throwback tailgate of sorts. No beer sponsors (although we are in the market), no caterer. Just you, your favorite beverage, the grill and the best pregame crew in the NFL … the D3 Tailgate.

D3 Tailgate






The theme is simple:


Bring some grub, beer, some Motown tunes and let’s kick off our Super Bowl season in style.

D3 Tailgate – Since 1993

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Taco Guy Never Gets Old

D3 Tailgate with Taco Guy

10:00 AM: D3 Tailgate Begins
12:45 PM: Chargers vs Broncos

This is your last chance to feed your gut with carne asada, pollo, pork and donkey tacos from Taco Guy. Canada’s Select Brews and Sobieski Vodka will will be flowing. Horrible music will be playing. Good times will be had by all.

If you want to eat Tacos, RSVP by Noon, Thursday, December 11.