See you in a few weeks.


“I signed it on the back for you Russ’.”

Welcome to this season

We’re a few weeks out of the 2014-15 season, the second for McCoy & Crew. New OC. Some new faces in the secondary. Maybe some linebacker depth?

I won’t even say it.

Let’s choose to enter this season with indifferent optimism. Hope for the best, drink more at worst. After all—technically—alcohol is a solution; and we’re in the tailgating business. Continue reading

What Position Would President Obama Play?

This image of Barack Obama in a Chargers jersey is making the rounds on social media. We live in a politically charged world (no pun intended), so it’s not surprising this picture has ignited Charger Nation.

Just wondering … what position would President Obama play for the Chargers?

Chargers Draft Recap: Marion Grice – RB – Arizona State

Marion Grice, Greg Henderson

Round 6 – Marion Grice – RB – Arizona State University

For the second consecutive season, the Chargers signed a productive running back to partner with Ryan Mathews. Donald Brown, Danny Woodhead and Mathews are the new three-headed backfield in San Diego. With the acquisition of Brown, most expected the Chargers to ignore running backs on draft week.

In the sixth round, Tom Telesco felt he couldn’t pass on the talented Marion Grice from Arizona State University. Telesco likes productive players from BCS schools and Grice fits that profile.

Check out these stats (24 games played at ASU):

  • 39 touchdowns
  • No fumbles in 409 touches
  • 91 catches for 868 yards
  • 294 rushes for 1,421 yards

Welcome to San Diego Marion Grice.

Chargers Draft Recap: Tevin Reese – WR – Baylor

With rookie minicamp underway, let’s take look at the incoming draft class for our San Diego Chargers.

Round 7 – Tevin Reese, WR, Baylor.

Of all the Chargers 2014 draft picks, I’m most excited to see Tevin Reese suit up. Why? Speed. Tevin Reese is a jet, something the Chargers receiving corp lacked the past few years. He’s a small dude but that doesn’t bother me. Watch the video below, then picture Rivers dropping back and launching bombs Reese’s way.

All Bets Are Off: This year’s weirdest Super Bowl prop bets


So Super Bowl XLVIII has ended; the Seattle Seahawks swept away the Denver Broncos by a landslide 43-8 score. The most prestigious football event, which happened at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, typically lured millions of fans to tune in via their television sets as the Seahawks pummelled the Broncos, even with Peyton Manning on the opposing team.

Because many sports pundits considered Super Bowl XLVIII a match between equally great teams, the odds for both teams were almost equal. One day before the event, ESPN highlighted that these two teams have their own strengths and weaknesses, which would turn the football event into a battle of attrition; a classic tight match that could go either way. Meanwhile, Betfair noted that Super Bowl XLVIII was a match between “the unstoppable enforcers versus the immovable project.” Unfortunately, the Broncos gave in first, which led to their defeat. The Seahawks’ victory paid off for punters who believed in the team’s unwavering strength in depth.

While people who wagered on the Seahawks’ win last Sunday would have been left happy, there are also other people who took their game to a whole new level and betted on, say, weird things. If you want to know more about some of the weird bets punters made, here are a few of the weirdest wagers from this year’s Super Bowl.

Bruno Mars’ hat during the Super Bowl halftime show
If you think the prop bets during last year’s Super Bowl were weird, this year took it to a whole new level. The bets are so weird that we are forced to take our hats off to those who came up with these ludicrous bets. Speaking of hats, some odd-balls decided that it was a good idea to bet on what kind of hat Bruno Mars would wear during the halftime show. The 28-year old singer behind hit tunes such as ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ (the “oh yeah yeah” song) and ‘Treasure’ is known to sport a fedora hat. While you may need to put $100 to win $66, there were other options for users to bet on such as him wearing a fur hat, tuque, or even no hat whatsoever.

Victory showers are orange-colored
During the 80’s, New York Giants defensive tackler Jim Burt drenched coach Bill Parcells in Gatorade when they won the Super Bowl XXI. This started a new trend where players would soak their coaches in the country’s famous sports drink as part of the winning tradition. One of the biggest prop bets every for the Super Bowl was the color of the Gatorade that was poured on the winning team’s coach—which this time you’d have though was orange. While it is important for teams to pick their Gatorade according to their team’s colors, some of them go against the grain. And true enough, the Seahawks went against said grain.

Season of Shirtless Shows
Bruno Mars opened the halftime show with drumming, which was followed by Anthony, Josh, and Chad’s electrifying performance. While some people will remember Red Hot Chili Peppers through songs like ‘Californication’ and ‘Scar Tissue’, others will always see the band as the musicians that played nude in front of hundreds of thousands of people. One interesting prop bet for these four heroes was that whether or not they would play shirtless right in the middle of the freaking winter! The results? Let’s just say the results were even 50-50. Anthony and Flea, as expected, appeared shirtless at the MetLife Stadium.

Chargers cage cats to move on in post-season.

An almost flawless second half of play led the San Diego Chargers to a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on a surprisingly decent day of January weather in Ohio.

While Philip Rivers wasn’t on fire in the first half, he was super efficient and on target, going 5/6 with no INTs or touchdowns. The Bengals looked sound in the second quarter, moving the ball well and doing what they needed to do to take the lead into the break. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton played grounded football and looked like the post-season leader the franchise has needed for the last two decades.

But that was all flushed away when a downpour of Charger defense took over in the second half.

The Bolts forced turnovers and stopped crucial drives with hurries and most importantly, strict coverage on one of the NFL’s most prolific pass catchers, AJ Green. Ultimately, it came down to mistakes by Dalton, who threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, which San Diego translated into a two-score lead going into the fourth quarter.

In what was probably an already game-winning possession, Charger running back Ronnie Brown scrambled easily for a long touchdown run to put the game well out of reach for the drenched squad from Cincinnati. The Bengals appeared to simply give up the game on that play, despite a somewhat successful but ultimately fruitless scramble for the end zone in the closing seconds.

What a December it’s been for the team from SD. So many things fell into place for them to reach the post-season that one has to wonder if this isn’t a team of destiny.

However, truth be told, Peyton Manning isn’t exactly one for tradition. He’s blown away every expectation that was had for him after his neck surgery two years ago. They guy flat out passes the ball. Without question, the Bolts have a tough one next week.

Some things of note for the Bolts include Ryan Mathews’s absence in the second half and Nick Hardwick’s “assumed” concussion. They said it was a neck stinger, but the truth and NFL injury reports are not fast friends.

Oh, and let’s not forget the play of QB Philip Rivers, who was voted to his fifth Pro Bowl and has served as the field leader all season long. His energy, his spirit and clearly his play has made a tremendous difference in the outcome of the 2013-14 season.

This was a team win all around, but it’s safe to say the San Diego defense executed an impeccable second-half game plan by keeping the ball away from AJ Green, recovering critical fumbles, making interceptions and ensuring Andy Dalton continued to step on his tail.

Coaches McCoy, Pagano and Whisenhunt (please don’t go) have earned themselves a great deal of gratitude from Chargers fans for this late season turn-around. As did ownership. Clearly, some good decisions have been made.

The Playoffs: Welcome to Next Year

Technically, it’s next year.

Sure, it’s still the 2013-14 season, but with a new year comes a new team. And after winning four of the last five games, we like to think this is a new Chargers team as well.

A lot had to happen for the Philip and the Wild Bunch to make the trip to Cincy this week. But all of that did happen, much to the chagrin of Steelers fans. We’ll take it.

There’s a lot more to the team making the playoffs this year than the team making the playoffs. There’s the incredible post-season experience our young guys like Keenan Allen, DJ Fluker and Manti Te’o are gaining. The same goes for Coach McCoy as a field leader. These are important times for this generation of the franchise, as it’s important for teams to know what’s it like to win.

There’s no question that this is a different team than the one the Bengals faced in the Q a few weeks back. Granted, it took too long for this team to find itself. But the best news is, it happened last year.

This is this year. Let’s roll.

Some Love to the other Sections of the Q lot

Fine. Let them have their day.

After all, we’re all in this together. And, like Papa Joe says, we take it one tailgate at a time.

The Playoffs Begin Tomorrow





10:00 AM
: Tailgate begins
10:05 AM: Dolphins vs Jets and Ravens vs Bengals games will be viewed from multiple TVs.
1:00 PM: We walk from Section D3 to watch the Chargers first of (hopefully) five playoff games.

It’s been a fantastic tailgating season as we’ve hosted over 500 tailgaters from all over the globe. As fate would have it, the last tailgate should be the best. We’ll be glued to TVs in Section D3 rooting for the Jets and Bengals. Thankfully we’ll have Sobieski Vodka and TailGate Beer to ease our stress.

Knowing we will have one eye on the games and another on our cocktails, we’ve decided on a theme that will require little prep in the parking lot.

KebabFest returns

Make your Kebabs at home and carefully pack them up for Section D3. Make ‘em how you want ‘em. Beef, chicken, scallops, shrimp, veggies, it’s your call. Make a bunch as we’ll pass Kebabs around for all to try. You can also enter your Kebab in the Best Kebab of Section D3 competition. The winner gets a bottle of Sobieski Vodka. If the winner is under 21, they get a 12 oz bottle of water.

Get fired up tailgaters and enjoy the ride. This Sunday is shaping up to be one epic day.